save the saviour

why do you keep putting the broken, the lost and the needy in my path? have i not saved enough for you all these years? fixed enough broken minds? patched enough shattered hearts? for you to take them away, only to be replaced with another one. they say a tortured soul will always attract a similar kindred spirit. thus i am stuck in this loop. because of how i was made by you, i have the urge to sweep all of them up, to love and protect and keep them safe forever. but i am not superman. i am not mother teresa. i am not a one man army charity organization. i am just plain old normal me. there is a limit to what i can do and i am seriously tired of this cycle…

you made me an extremely giving person indeed. you gave me a great big heart so i can keep handing out pieces of myself. you gave me a good grasp of logic so i can dish out sound advices.  you made in touch with my feelings so that i can see their every pain and feel their every tears…

but even there’s a limit to that…

some days, like today, even this saviour wants the be saved too…

Snow is on the ground
Winters come
You long to hear my voice
But I’m long gone

-alter bridge feat. cristina scabbia: watch over you-

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