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solo chill out trips.

this crisp mellow beats. sailing on mogas. rubber hum on tarmac. long rides into the night and beyond till the early light. catching city lights and traffic sounds of past midnight.

i share this space with you.

-boards of canada: twoism-







who would have known working 2 jobs would be so fucking tiring. and it does not help that there are difficult clients on both fronts as well.


unfortunately, everything is signed and sealed, to be delivered all around in the month of june. at the rate the changes and overtime is going, i do not think my mental and physical faculty will allow me to continue on. i really need to give one up and concentrate on the other.

but fuck it. since i signed and sold my soul on paper for the money… let’s just get this over with then aye…


-lomography, photoshop-

tripping across the skies, when all you want to do is break free and fly.


see how easy it is to play the tragic princess. you write and rant your heart out with caustic words on flickering screens.

you type, you wait and you bait. you play the bleeding rejected lover again and again. you then proceed to reap and harvest all those words of consolation for you from your legion of friends and fans.

parasite. you feed off it like a crack addict. and you proceed to paint me with spite, as the picture perfect asshole.

enough is enough.

i may have never been the perfect partner in the past but lest you forget, you hypocritical serpent…  you done your fair share of damage to the relationship as well.

or have you already conveniently forgotten that you fucking cheated on me too?



fighting the good fight is such a waste of life.



i feel like giving up there and then, but what would i do if i am not doing what i can do best?

slog. work. grind.

this is my pantomime.

-nitrada: fading away (telefon tel aviv remix)-


-digicamography, photoshop-

february. untitled. her.

they call her… love.

-the parachutes: she is love-