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losing my grip (on you)

i feel xb slipping through my fingers. i do my best. i try to find out what i am doing wrong. but her replies are always ‘i’m ok, everything is fine’

but with all this pain and silence she showers me with, i’ll still love her regardless. i hope this is not the beginning of the end for us. i’m tired. there’s so much to do ahead. i need her to be there for me. to give me encouragements. to push me onwards. i cannot lose her.

please, don’t take her away from me



lukewarm is your heart. where has all the fire gone? please tell me so i can kindle your flames again.

touch this. feel the pulsing, beating. feel it’s fire. my flame still burns brightly for you.

please tell me.


what has happened?

what has douse yours?