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nothing can come close to this familiar feeling, we say it all without ever speaking.


a road less trodden

sometimes it’s better to take the long way home if the same roads only shows you the same sights.

it might surprise you with what you can find.

the prison

we do not remember days, we remember moments

-cesare pavese-


-digicamography, photoshop-

i guess the only way is up. and boy oh boy what a long climb this will be…

round and round

round and round i go. where will i stop? i will never know.

lost not found

so yeah, long story short: i lost the password to my wordpress and i couldn’t be bothered to recover it.

and then suddenly one day. i found it, scribbled on a piece of scrap paper on my messy work table thus here i am again.

since i stopped writing, i don’t seem to crave it all that much anymore and i seem to have nothing to tell you all. nothing interesting. nothing dramatic. nothing to rant. nobody to miss.

everything is just. nothing. another year and my legs still ache, my heart is still sore and the well is getting full of pennies.

so to you, you and you. you and you and you. and you too of course. to the places i have skipped, things that i have missed, reasons that i have evaded… i wish you all a belated happy birthday, merry christmas and new year.