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morning yearning

sunday reflections.

laying awake, morning sun in my eyes, through the fingers i shield my face with. i roll over, waiting for a hug, kiss and smile but empty and cold is the space beside me.

wish you were here xb. yeah. i guess it’s the usual morning yearnings.

-ben harper: morning yearning-


happy chinese new year


a slow drive to ipoh. going home. going back to where my heart has always been.

happy chinese new year. may you be blessed with great health, wealth and happiness all year round…

a new year, around the corner

sunday reflections.

chinese new years, as the years roll by, seems to lose it’s lack lustre somewhat. i miss those villages days. the call of a simpler life. the happiness of lower expectations. where all you need is fireworks, games and laughters to make CNY the best 15 days to begin the year with.

wish i could capture a slice of the yesteryear and use it to fuel my jaded heart.

but we all make do with what we have don’t we? some have to work. some are far away from home. but all will be well in a few more days, a few more days…

back to the start box

so, i’ve hit the ‘go back to start’ box. so, today is first day of being self employed. it feels… awkward, after working for 10 over years for other people but know i will get used to this. well of course, right after i get used to this unpleasant, transient affective state of no urgency and emptiness. this pervasive lack of interest and difficulty concentrating on the current activity of… nothingness…

*whistles* *twirl fingers* *counts bathroom tiles* *sighs*


-deftones: bored-