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agenda of the day. in order.

morning. taksi. gorengan. lucky strike. teh sosro. brainstorm. lucky strike. lunch. sate. mee ayam. lucky strike. work. execution. lucky strike. tea break. teh sosro. gado gado. lucky strike. work. end of day. taksi. dinner. nasi padang. lucky strike. taksi. kosan. bathe. work. sleep.



the great divide

as i sit here eating my meal in the fully air conditioned comfort of a swanky restaurant, outside the window i see street urchins hawking ‘umbrella rides’ to ferry people to their destination in the rain. not too far down the road a well used boom box was blasting lady gaga and a little girl holding was holding on to a monkey on a leash that is hopping around to the music.

yes. a little girl with a dancing monkey, in the rain. no joke. and i am in here in this high end food place with my clients. i keep looking out the window to check on the child. she caught my glances and stared back with a drenched and sullen-faced look; obviously unhappy but the monkey was hopping up and down doing its monkey shimmy, oblivious to the rain and the lack of an audience…

and my clients continue to ramble on about their latest trips and expensive adventures to places i have never heard before, oblivious to those outside the window in the rain…

obliviousness. this is the great divide…


0700. selamat pagi indonesia.

senang berkenalan dengan anda.


-digicamography, photoshop-

selamat pengantin baru my dear friends, aida & amirr. Semoga anda berkekalan sampai ke akhir hayat.

you get what anybody gets – you get a lifetime.

-neil gaiman-


Yet to be misunderstood is the miserable destiny of people like myself.

-johann wolfgang von goethe-

crash tactics

drive. keep driving.

we are all exploding anyways.

-65daysofstatic: crash tactics-

i am

-digicamography, photoshop-



i am the gloucester hunchback in a long line of regal kings.



i am the silent dreamer in a false flock that sings.