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flying, flying

just an update to fill the silence. 6 months into flying solo, freelancing. can’t say i like it. i miss the routine of going to an office daily. the meeting people, doing work, having lunch and dinner with the office people. the routine that anchors your life, i let go of them.

work hasn’t been exactly as properous as i hoped it would be. i don’t starve, neither do i make it rich. i doubt freelance will make you rich. i mean it can if you get big fat paying jobs. mine so far just pays the bill. i worry some days, because of the uncertainty. but i will slog on. i know this will lead me somewhere. i am hopeful.

today is xb’s birthday. mine will be exactly a week from hers. thinking of taking her out for some really good food. we’ve been looking around and it’s seems we’ve settled for tony roma’s. a good dinner and maybe some clubbing afterwards? i don’t know much about the scene anymore. i’m pretty much out of touch. that’s the problem when you’re 10 years apart. what i did, went through and left behind… she’s only starting to do now.

well happy birthday xb. you won’t read this but i love you for being around even though i know i am boring. it’s the territory that comes with age i guess. and i thank you for helping me through the tough times, holding me up, cheering me on.

i promise you i will make it someday.

for you and for me…

-muse: unintended-