.monokhromatic.colorless.single hue.this heart is hollow without you.

this is where i’m supposed to say something about myself. tell you my life stories, my up and downs, my loves and heartbreaks and you’re supposed to read it and feel sorry for me. no wait, please don’t. don’t feel sorry.

i will tell you why.

i subconsciously write though a miasma of monochromatic hues. a kaleidoscope of whites, greys and blacks. when i commit my fingers to the keys, they have a knack for emotive expressions and eloquent exaggerations. toying and adjusting the words and memories that flashes through my head. and in truth, what you read could only be a fragment of reality or even a figment of my imagination. but with that said, the truth is still out there, in between the words you read here on my pages.

i love the freedom writing allows me. with words as my picture, i do not attempt to force feed you the blatant truth but i will guide your hands, so that you can see my words and feel the meanings behind it. but how you intentionally interpret it, is your choice.

i love ink on skin canvas. i love how intimate skin art can be. what stories it could carry. what joy, love, loss and pain every buzz of ink can mean. i love how indelibly, memories are hammered into my very being. with every pierce-skin-pain you shall forever be part of me, regardless.

i love photography. it’s both my passion and escape. i shoot mainly in digital but the fickleness of film and it’s random results is what i truly love. my tools of visual conveyance are a nikon fm2, a holga, a lomo, a blackbirdfly and a sony cybershot. with picture as my words, i attempt to photograph the truth. my truth. or is it merely my perception of it?

i also shooting moving pictures. it’s both my lifework and personal enjoyment to capture stories on randomly changing sequential frames and embellish the moments forever more onto cellulose acetate, polyester and magnetic particles.

i adore painting. oil and it’s patient qualities is my favorite medium.

but photoshop will always be my true love.

i play the bass and some guitar. i do not pretend to know much. only enough to play what i want, when i want to whom i want.

i like and use to do rock climbing and all terrain biking. but lately my pursuits of elusive monetary wealth and plans of nigh unachievable grandeur has made me forsake them. would love to do diving for one reason but that reason to do it isn’t here anymore, so i won’t even bother now.

i like cooking. i like how it is, in essence, like painting. the throwing together of multiple basic colors to form a secondary hue. the creation of a single result. the stimulation of multiple senses. i love to smell the color. i love to see the taste.

if my life was a movie, the soundtrack would be incredibly diverse. they would include, but not limited to tracks by (to name a few bands off the top of my head): aphex twins, jamiroquai, deftones, zero 7, thievery corp, jakatta, groove armada, dirty vegas, prodigy, death cab for cutie, muse, placebo, skunk anansie, longview, new order, cocteau twins, chemical brothers, sevendust, korn, slipknot, arch enemy, meshuggah, carcass, firebird, in flames, dimmu borgir, fear factory, moby, incubus, explosions in the sky, mew, dragonash, orange range, m-flo, telepopmusik, massive attack, rage against the machine, red hot chilli peppers, queens of the stone age, the cure, nirvana, pearl jam, soundgarden, marilyn manson, wu bai, david tao, peter pan, gigi. dewa19, cokelat, padi etc.

goodbye, be well… and as she would say: take care of yourself, and all your loved ones. look out for each other.

  1. I love being dwell by the suave writting of yours. Adding you to my RSS feed 🙂 Keep up the good job.

    • .gothikt.
    • October 19th, 2007

    glad you do. and i’m equally glad to share my life, my up and downs(mostly downs) and insights here. hope you enjoy the stay.

  2. my up my down my left my right

    feeding on what used to be whole

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    Cheerios, Mag

  4. Very unusual verbs you used to describe your feelings towards happenings around you. Enlightens me a lot. Merci!

    Sante, JeTaime

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