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break and remake: in progress


-digicamography, photoshop-

hmm, smells like… bacon?


happy chinese new year 2009

in this year of the ox, may you have the wisdom to steer away from all the unwanted bullshit, steak claim on what’s rightfully yours and stay horny always.

best wishes to all. drink copiously but please get a designated driver. gamble wisely and definitely screw safely. don’t do what i wouldn’t do, which is very little, to say the least, heheh.

gong hei fatt choy. gum neen hou geh nei, wai geh hui. hei mong dai gar hoi hoi sum sum fatt dai choy. happy chinese new ox year 2009 to all my ink and steel brothers and sisters. and also of course, to you normal people as well =P

there is always…


-digicamography, photoshop-

please don’t ask me how i am. please don’t ask if i am ok. i was doing oh so well. i was holding myself together and moving on with effort. these paper walls i have built, these flimsy protective wards. please don’t tear it down. these masks i wear, please don’t rip it off with your caring words. please don’t make my heart feel like it’s falling apart again…

i know i am alone now and i cannot rely on anyone but myself. but somedays i think, it will be so easy to make someone pick me up. someone to fill the void. i know they are waiting to. and i don’t want that. a rebound. it’s not fair.

じゅり, i wish you’re here. じゅり ここに私は希望している。私は今夜は寂しいです。

じゅり, there is always hope they say. please tell me: is there?

-david tao: 月亮代表谁的心

break and remake: design


-digicamography, photoshop-

frankie brain storming up an EC(Electro-Cautery) design for TGF(That Girl Friend)

break and remake


-digicamography, photoshop-

stencil… cauterize… sear… pain… smoke… burning flesh…


and it is so, this is your perfection…

now, the writing’s on the wall, it won’t go away. it’s an omen.

-prodigy: omen-

i got you under my skin

lately, the call of ink and steel has been beckoning me ever increasingly. it does not help that i have like minded friends who feeds me ideas and urges me onwards. you bastards.

more more, it says. this pain that we offer, this is what you want. this is the only right love for you. so they say.

and i am starting to think it is true.

after all, nothing is permanent, not even you, you, you or you. except this ink that i place in my skin.

-frank sinatra: i got you under my skin-

the right to be wrong

i guess i have the choice, the right to be wrong. to do what i want instead of what i think… nay… i know i should not. because it feels oh so right. don’t you think so too? i know you do…

-muse: bliss-