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long slow goodbye

-digicamography, photoshop-

sunday reflections.

so… goodbye, stranger…

-queen of the stone age: long slow goodbye-


once you go eurasians

during one of my drinking sessions with my girl friends, we came up with an interesting quote:

once you go eurasians, you can never go back to plain old asians

i would not agree with that statement wholly though to a certain degree there is some truth in that, based on my track record so far. not 100% a conscious choice of course, probably in some ways it is a sub conscious preference. i have always liked something that is different, unique and i tend to pick, for a lack of a better word, the unusual over the usual.

anyways, woman… that is an interesting snowclone we came up with. but it would be silly to limit ourselves like that, don’t you think? *smiles*


The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.

oscar wilde, the picture of dorian gray, 1891


hey you.

your pheromones and lordosis behaviour make my dopamine levels go crazy.

no kidding.

yellow pages

sometimes, i really envy my fingers. they get to go places i wish i could explore with… well, yeah… you know, heh.

and i thought i got the art of baiting down to a tee… but girl, it seems i have met a worthy match in you.

let your fingers do the walking, i’ll let my body do the talking.


-digicamography, photoshop-


one more time.


the colors, the smoke, the sound.

the smell of gunpowder, charred paper and wonderful cookies baking in the coal fired brick oven. the shouts of joy and sounds of laughter. how we ran around you both, chasing each other. how you would give us another ang bao knowing well we hid the one you gave us and said we have not got one yet. how gung gung would catch crickets and put them into matchboxes for us to play with. how por por would quietly sneak us white rabbit candies when our parents were not looking. how you would take us out to the pond and give us a stick with a string tied to it so we could pretend to fish along with you. the sounds of cicadas and flashes of lightning bugs in the woods as we took a slow trek home. the white cloud-like mosquito net hanging from the ceiling above us and we lay next to you both, giggling. the slow lazy rotating fan, clattering gently, rhythmically. how we would fall asleep as you played the er hu and she sang to us…

would you hold my small hand again? and help me light that sparkler?

i miss you gung gung… por por… gung hei fatt choy…

谁在用琵琶弹奏, 一曲东风破, 岁月再墙上剥落, 看见小时候, 犹记得那年我们都还很年幼, 而如今琴声幽幽, 我的等候你没听过…

-周杰倫: 东风破-