going the distance

cycling, an old passion rekindled. nothing sets me free better than hurtling along with wanton abandon at 60km per hour on the freeway, wind in my face and hair and the occasional blare of horns and drivers swearing at me. yes. the only problem is i think the amount of exhaust fumes i have inhaled every session could be equivalent to the cigarettes that i have quit smoking daily. ironic.

and oh, not to mention the supplementary protein intake… the swallowing of an occasional bug or two when i inhale-exhale through my mouth. oh yums. i have also being doing some light weights and sets of sit ups/push ups. i’m surprised at my own perseverance. that i could last all these 2 months and i have no sign of slowing down.

so now, i only have to get a rock climbing partner and my former exercise regime is complete. any takers?

-cake: going the distance-

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