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じゅり あなたわうつくしい。



じゅり says fear is always greater than the danger. so an attempt is sometimes easier than expected.

gosh, am i so easy to read? is this fear that i am trying to hide so clear? or maybe she just knows me too well now that she can read me like a book. TGF is right too, i am jaded and i am losing the drive to do a lot of things that i used to have the passion for. how do i revitalize myself? that is the question now…

so, 案ずるより産むが易し。good advice. アドバイスありがとう ^^



そうカナスは じゅりを常に保護する。


there is always…


-digicamography, photoshop-

please don’t ask me how i am. please don’t ask if i am ok. i was doing oh so well. i was holding myself together and moving on with effort. these paper walls i have built, these flimsy protective wards. please don’t tear it down. these masks i wear, please don’t rip it off with your caring words. please don’t make my heart feel like it’s falling apart again…

i know i am alone now and i cannot rely on anyone but myself. but somedays i think, it will be so easy to make someone pick me up. someone to fill the void. i know they are waiting to. and i don’t want that. a rebound. it’s not fair.

じゅり, i wish you’re here. じゅり ここに私は希望している。私は今夜は寂しいです。

じゅり, there is always hope they say. please tell me: is there?

-david tao: 月亮代表谁的心

mixed and mismatched (re-edit)

it seems that i cannot write something without hurting someone’s feelings somewhere. this is too well read, especially by the good people i know. and my twisting and elaborate word plays has cause many misunderstandings, some words to be exchanged, some heartbreaks and a few bruised emotions as well. sighs. so the post is removed for the betterment of all parties involved. ju-chan, you know i did not mean to hurt you. i shall write with much more careful strokes from now on…

じゅりはまだいますか?私は愚か午前。 私を許してください。


じゅり, かすかに聞こえる胸の鼓動 心のドキドキ

ミーシャ: 心ひとつ –