trust, an intangible commodity that a relationship is built on. trust is only as good as for which there is demand, and is supplied without qualitative differentiation between two beings.

but there is only so much that trust can be built upon and the rest comes from effort or rather the effort your other half expects of you. but what quantifies effort? or trust? your effort might be misconstrued as not quite enough in the eyes of the one you try to build an impression upon.  i was told i do not hold it to heart, this trust thing. or rather i am not allowed to sully the word trust because of my past misgivings. oh how i try and try but yet i somewhat fail. so i am learning everyday that different women have different levels of needs. it is my fault to think that what i have learned from a previous relationship can be applied to this one.

truly, sometimes i wonder if i am really from mars… and she, from venus…

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