go get your fix elsewhere

well technically i didn’t lie, per se. i said i will be back but probably in truth by saying being back might be a bit too optimistic. writing holds so much for me but alas writing for work daily has sapped a lot of my joy for this medium of self expression and communication.

so now i write for work. and i do art too. my company must really love me. an AD and a copywriter for the price of one. woot.


anyways, i will be back from time to time, if the powers that be permits me to do so.

so time to get your fix elsewhere *smiles*

  1. Don’t you do this to me, Brother. I’ve been coming here almost everyday now, trying to get my fix. I really need them. Something I can read and try to ponder about, anything to get my mind off work and its people.

    Now now, try to reserve a little a day and spill it right here aye?

    Your Brother,

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