it’s 8:00am now and i’m still at work with the guys. yes. still at work since yesterday morning. as usual, chasing deadlines. selling our souls to cover asses and vaginas from getting raped with a ten foot pole, without lubricant.

where is all that big paycheck, glamorous parties with copious amount of alcohol and models hanging off our arms? we were so cocksure about it. well at least everybody from the outside looking in seems to think that it is how is like in this industry. i think at the end of the day, we ourselves have been bamboozled by the same lies that we package and sell to the masses.

such irony. i would laugh but my face muscles are asleep.

i would not say that those kind of paychecks and lifestyle is untrue. but in reality out of a 100 students, less than half that amount would actually stay in this line. and half that some more will actually earn something decent. and out of that, the final 10, probably only 1 or 2 will actually climb high enough to live the big money, parties and women (or men, depending on your preference of course) lifestyle. i, for one, is still stuck in the ‘decent’ bracket after… oh 10 years here. hopefully i will move up soon before the day i keel over or something. sighs.

sad but true. days like this makes me want to drink and smoke up again. thank god for the crate of beer under my table and the emergency mary jane stash at home, heh.

so, there will be no rest for the wicked tonight…


  1. very true indeed
    there’s always perception of only happening & fun then the huge revenue
    behind the happening & fun scene, what wouldn’t be known
    were all the hard work, crisis management & the sleepless nights

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