wants versus needs

sunday reflections.

you are all i ever wanted but you are not what i need (now)

familiar words. once too many times over. it would be better if you all just said you never liked me. say it was all just for fun. say thank you for the wonderful gifts of affection, the nice dinners and great orgasms, say good bye and then walk away. wham bam thank you ma’am. i think that would be easier, no? i grow tired of searching for the reasons. looking for the whys. i think it is wiser to give up easily nowadays. why bother when i have fought some good fights only to be struck down by callousness and indifference. to be throttled headlong into waiting walls. to be dealt a thousand cuts by your silence. to be left out in the bitter cold.

do not say ‘i wish i met you earlier/later, then things would be different’

do not say ‘please wait for me’ when you have no intention of coming back.

and you’re like that every time you pull heart back, and her compact’s carving deeper in your lap…

-deftones: when girls telephone boys-

  1. but I would prefer to stay with someone who wants me rather than needs me

  2. different people, different priorities.

    want is trivial, superfluous, passing. there are many things in life that we want, but not what we need.

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