once you go eurasians

during one of my drinking sessions with my girl friends, we came up with an interesting quote:

once you go eurasians, you can never go back to plain old asians

i would not agree with that statement wholly though to a certain degree there is some truth in that, based on my track record so far. not 100% a conscious choice of course, probably in some ways it is a sub conscious preference. i have always liked something that is different, unique and i tend to pick, for a lack of a better word, the unusual over the usual.

anyways, woman… that is an interesting snowclone we came up with. but it would be silly to limit ourselves like that, don’t you think? *smiles*

  1. eurasian, californian, american, scottish, persian, italian, australian ….
    plain old asian still yet to be out of date

  2. that must be your ‘conquest’ list, heh. you forgot iranian *cough cough*

    well, rest assured, ‘plain old asians’ will never be out of date. i am just not lucky enough to end up with one.

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