click whirr

click whirr. somedays i really feel like a clockwork doll. an assembly line automaton. a protocol droid.

9am. wake up, go to work, grind, lunch, grind, dinner then a long slow drive home. bathe, online till 2-4am. sleep. cue repeat 5 times a week. 7 if there’s a rush job or pitch.

7 days week. like these past few weeks.

so, there was 2 pitches back to back. not too confident that we will get the job of the first pitch but hey, we went up against the big guns, got vetted and went through to the 2nd phase. one of the three chosen so not bad for small online setup huh? like a biblical david versus goliath, we walked past the swankily dressed big agency people, went in with what we have, did our gig and came out.

job well done, as well as we could do anyways so let us bail and go have a few rounds of ethanol shall we?

so yeah, most possibly we will not get the job. but we went in with our guns blazing, kicking corporate asses and taking names. i still wonder how we went under the radar though. hmm.

click whirr. one down and onwards to the next pitch for next week.

ad inifitum.

  1. Most imptly is 2 grab D opportunities
    Got D job or not is another story altogether
    Keep it up!

    ~Dat’s wat always `US’ D Agencies do

    Cheers, M.NG

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