float and sink

some float up because it is lighter than the air that surrounds it.

and some sink below because it is heavier than the gravity that buoys it.

float and sink, rise and fall.

move away, stay apart.

permanence is for the brave. for thieves like us shall only steal and dance with the lost and broken in time.

-raveonettes: lust-

    • sourmilk
    • January 9th, 2010

    SOS – Shit Observation Session. Don’t have the hearts to flush them down and instead watch them bob up the surface?

    Play with your iPod lah.

  1. *shakes head*

    my queen of corn and crass, i must say, your disgustingly metaphorical sound usage of human waste in this context is apt, unfortunately.

    knowing that this comment comes from you, i am never surprised anymore, lol.

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