what is this?

possibly the worse start to a new year in many years. we are all trying to move on no? then let us all do it, please.

do not threaten me. bite me and i will bite back with equal, if not greater fury. i know where, i know how, i know who. and when i lash out, i will take everything to hell together with me. that is a promise.

i have changed so much. please do not make me revert to the person that i used to be. keep him on a short leash. rein him in. i have not set the plans in motion only because i do not wish to escalate this. please know that if i do go through with it, it is only because i wish to protect myself.

all i want is to move on. leave me alone, please.

respect my space as i respect yours.

i value my life, he should value his. two can tango so let us not play that fucked up game ok?

i do not want to see you or him.

ever. again.


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