confidence/lost count

confidence is definitely an alcoholic. nothing like a few drinks to make it come slinking back into the crowd and be the highlight of the party.

it may look stupid but it doesn’t care. well at least not until the next morning when the ethanol wears off, the throbbing headache kicks in and there is photographic proof (of your overwhelming ‘confidence’).

bleah. welcome to the year end binge sessions, the hazy after parties and the revelations of the morning afters.


how many days have i been drinking in a row? i lost count. my liver is screaming from the overwork, my kidneys are drowning and fermenting at the same time and my brain is whooping in joy.

meeting up ex colleagues at some dodgy drinking establishment in pj later. a place notorious for it’s decently priced booze and very young serving girls.

i am just there for the alcohol and conversations. really.



    • sourmilk
    • December 31st, 2009

    did that once before. i burnt my dress, total eradication of evidence.

  1. wth. so means u were naked?? damn i wish i was there with a camera! lol.

    oh i woke up quite a few times not knowing what happened yesterday until i looked in the camera. such a ‘the hangover’ end rolling credits scenario. not funny, totally scary some.

    • sourmilk
    • January 3rd, 2010

    EH… you missed out this part. WHAT DID YOU DO?

  2. come come… *whispers into ear*

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