no commitments. no promises.

rewind many years back, i would have just fucked it all to hell and jumped the woman that mouthed those magic words, that green light sentence. no second guessing, no thinking twice. now i am just tired. very tired.

we might get what we want at the end of the day, that temporary oxytocin high. but i am at the stage where i want something more lasting. and you cannot give me that. i should have listened to her advice and not walk into this with my heart open. walls up please she says, be wary she says, this one is untameable. now disengaging from you would be a monumental task indeed. well only from my angle of course. i am sure it would be easy for you *smiles*

sad. and you had to be a 4 out of 5 too. quirky, intelligent, curvaceous. shit, i want to own you for good. well, you are not getting a perfect score, only because i refuse to give it to you. yeah, i guess i am just being rational like that, after being so irrational with you *grins*

-maxwell: bad habits-

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