merry merry/the girl who always plays alone

merry christmas world. have a good one this year.

chug a few back for me. i am cutting down on the consumption tonight because i am still being plagued by a cough and sore throat.

keyword: cutting down. i am still drinking. apparently i was told that ethanol, in whatever form, still kills germs *smiles*


i still can’t figure out the merry part though after all these years. christmas has always been a very jaded affair for me, if it is not a dull one. drinks, dinners, smiles, joy, laughter… but i feel so detached. as if i am watching a show on the television instead of being in the room with all these surreal happy people. i guess it’s that year end thing where everything rewind and recaps in your head. some people have beginnings, i always always have endings…

5:30am, sitting in the dark having a phone conversation with ‘the little girl who always plays alone’. never have i felt loneliness more than after that chat with you. guess i can relate to your words because i have always been that ‘little boy that always plays alone’ too.

so does the lonely little girl that nobody wants to play with, hang out with this lonely little boy in the sandbox? the choice is yours, i am not going anywhere anytime soon…


ai mish yew


-explosions in the sky: you hand in mine (with strings)-

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