-digicamography, photoshop- (fidel[male] on the left, seven[female] on the right)

i stepped off the plane at lcct and i miss kuching already. the hiatus to the cat city was a blur of good times, good times and more good times.

relaxing. i feel so at home there. it reminds me of my hometown, ipoh, and the 80s kuantan that i grew up in. small little quaint cafes, family owned eateries, good seafood, cheap ethanol and decent sized malls with anything you will ever need. well almost anything. in some ways i am too attached to the choices offer by the gargantuan sized malls over here.

but i could go back there again. i could, probably, maybe… live there.

it is too early to say, but think i might. who knows what the future holds.

damn, i miss fidel and seven so much… you guys grow up fast and take care of your two legged ‘mummy’ ok? be the good little devil pups you guys are. i will be back to see you guys soon *smiles*

    • sourmilk
    • December 22nd, 2009


  1. yep yep, definitely agree that kk is good. but kch has it’s reasons for me to say so *smiles*

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