impulse drive

yes. that is how i am. forever on impulse drive. stuck a notch below light speed.

my inertial dampers are shot, sending me hurtling way ahead of myself. my time dilation are all out of sync, wait was that a smile or a frown? a yes or a no? the heat of a sensual chamber or the coldness of the deep space vacuum?  and do not even talk about my energy conservation. i use up so much for the hyper chase that i do not have enough energy left, even in my reserve banks, to pull myself out of this black hole’s death grip.

credits deducted. interstellar tickets processed. wrong choice? right move? oh what the hell. let us go for a ride then. we shall see where this astro path leads me.

talk about a trans-galactic roller coaster ride. up up up and now down down down. and i have not even caught my breath yet. her pretty smiles still holocasted on my cyber optic retina, her infectious laughs still rumbling in my titanium cochlea and i am already hurtling down at top speed into the gravity well of this black hole heart.

well, it is time to jack the ancient mixtapes into the aural projection device. if this is a ride into oblivion, then i feel like some ‘voodoo chile’ coming.

well my arrows are made of desire
from far away as jupiter’s sulphur mines
say my arrows are made of desire, desire
from far away as jupiter’s sulphur mines
(way down by the methane sea, yeah)

-jimi hendrix: voodoo chile-

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