little red

a rule of thumb my dear, little reds should never dance with big bad wolves.

or in your case, since you are such a SW geek: young padawans like you should never tutelage under sith lords like me *smiles*

why do they always get younger as i grow older? i’ve always always drawn the line at single digit age gap, but now it seems i am slowly creeping into the double figure already.

ok heart, let us keep it platonic.

do not reciprocate.

do not reciprocate.

do not reciprocate.

shit. i just got jedi mind tricked. strong is the force in this one *grins*

seriously. fuck this heart of mine. slice it up into ribbons with a lightsaber. really.

    • ninja
    • December 11th, 2009


  1. and the pot calls the kettle black? kudos ninja, kudos.

    • sourmilk
    • December 12th, 2009

    and the question still persists, rule of thumb or thumb of rule?

    [notice changes]


  2. rule of thumb, hence the correction. as usual, your impeccable standards in english has prevailed over mine *cough cough cough* lol.

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