just a request.

stop listening to my type of music. i can’t believe you are into NIN and APC. that is just so unlady-like you know. stop saying you play the bass guitar, like me, even though i know you really do. stop quoting from sandman or sharing your hellboy comic book collection with me. stop using words like mana bar, area of effect, damage over time, ion cannon, wormhole and warpdrive in your conversations with me. how the heck do you even know how to apply those words into a sentence and actually make it mean something? and stop wearing that white singlet and blue jeans. i had to look away, you are driving me insane.

stop stop stop stop.

can you please stop being so perfect? seriously. it’s a battle trying to not like you more than i already do. really.


-blur: battle-

    • sourmilk
    • December 5th, 2009

    mmmm… me rike. the song i mean. LOL LOL LOL

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