fix me

-digicamography, photoshop-

the hardcore chinese heartlands. this is familiarity. the sounds and smoke of the 大炒 as i walked towards the gritty stairwell. wary local eyes on me. flickering lights, a few flights up, peeling old beige colored paint on rusty iron grille. faded 門神 staring back at me. they say, ‘hey, i know you’. i smiled back and thought, ‘yeah, long time no see…’

knock knock. 來! muffled chinese dramas behind the plywood door. click. clack. creak. swing. 喂! 朋友! 好耐冇見! big smile. old face. hand shakes. shirtless. faded triad inks. it has been awhile. and i am finally home again, even if it is just for a pick up.

he beckoned me in. i stepped across the threshold into the low cost flat. nothing has changed in the past fifteen years since i was back here. almost everything is the same. faded, but the same. it is like stepping back into a time warp. the television is still playing cantonese serial. the mahjong table, the tiles scattered, is still always ready and waiting.

你點樣呀? 好嗎? he passed me a cigarette. 唔係幾好. i shook my head and smiled. 戒了. we talked for a bit over some warm beers and roasted groundnuts. old friends catching up over lost times. there are many gaps and holes to fill and we did our best to keep each other up to date.

‘by the way, the reason i came over is…’, i said taking an envelope out of my pocket and pushed it to him across the table. he eyed me before picking it up, looked into it and smiled. 但 係有点野你还未戒.

i laughed and said, ‘唔該幫我. 好緊急. fix me up… it’s actually for a friend. he needs it…’

he nodded and gave a hearty pat on my back, ‘sure thing. i’ll give you a discount ok? anything for a bro. anytime.’

-nujabes+fat jon: the space between two worlds-

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