stupid heart

i think the men in my family are afflicted with the stupid heart disease. your truly is included of course, seeing the track record of this wordpress, i seem to have a chronic version of it, fuck. and to which, i would like to argue with a certain XX individual, that it is different than the stupid head ailment.

and the stupid heart disease is ultimately more damaging than the stupid head ailment because of it’s cascading negative effects if the relationship fails. the head has a fail safe mechanism which usually works most of the time. the heart is just like a downhill ride in a car with no brakes. exhilarating for the first few miles but suicidal as the pull of gravity takes over, the bends grow sharper and the speed picks up…

i find that it afflicts men more but do not for once think women are totally immune to it. it is not solely a male only disease. not ever my dear, you wish. it’s like that pesky measles i guess: you will get it only once in your lifetime, if you are lucky…

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