not the same

-digicamography, photoshop-

she said: christmas is coming. oh i can’t wait. the decors, the shopping, the gift opening. so much fun. do you like christmas?

he said: it’s okay i guess. i don’t mind christmas.

she said: don’t mind?

he said: yeah, i don’t mind. i tolerate holidays, i don’t enjoy it. well maybe i do because it’s a break from work. but holidays only serves to reminds you that you are alone.

she said: you are not alone. you will always have us.

he said: i know, and don’t think i am not thankful. but you know what i mean dear, friends and lovers are not the same. the heart is strangely lonely, even when surrounded by wonderful friends and happy laughters. and i think it’s worse for me this time around because i have been so looking forward to this christmas with…

she said: *sad smile* i know. i understand.

you’re honey dipped. you are beautiful. you are ecstasy. floating clouds, you lifted me so high and i am crashing down now.

don’t bring me down, i beg you, i won’t let you. where are you going? please come back. you are so so so far away…

-sia: don’t bring me down-

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