bad party

dude help

i was rather concerned when i received that sms from a friend, well into a.m.

concerned because the message was too cryptic to glean any useful information from it in regards to the type of trouble he is in and also i myself am halfway to high heaven drinking with another group of friends in hartamas, meaning i might be the one needing help very soon. worried, i texted back asking how he was, if he was okay and has his condition improved. moments later, a reply came back:

bad party. i feel like my liver is escaping my body in the form of vomit. so no it is not an improvement. met a girl, she looked like her face caught fire, and someone put it out with a fire extinguisher by slamming it against her face repeatedly. but i still kissed her and gave her my number when she asked for it. fml.


i just love my drunkard friends. drinkers are funniest people on the face of the planet. ever. especially the inebriated ones *laughs*

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