the tv glowing in the dark. lukewarm microwaved dinner sitting half eaten beside me. absolut vanilla in coke, delicious. i think i am beginning to get that false sense of hope again. i wish it would go away. because i know where this has gotten me before.

*tap click tap click*

‘…and for sixty nine ninety nine you will get… i will always love you forever, that i promise you. really? yes my love, would i lie to you… and everything is going at half price! hurry now to your nearest store today!”

    • Jan
    • November 26th, 2009

    Reading your posts, past and present, made me realise what a loser you still are. Nothing much has evolved. & you’d liked to think you are a diehard romantic dork.geek cassanova. Live well my man.I miss ya shitloads.

    Your repetitive posts are stale, 721days old.

  1. i guess only you know me well. always the loser but hey, you are still back here to read my drivel. so, yeah. touche~ *smiles*

    much has actually changed and evolved in that 2 years. probably i should fill you in over coffee one day? hope you relish the chance to stick a dagger in my heart again while i’m filling you in on the details? *grins*

    well you know me, i am the type of person that chooses to live in the past and reminisce a bit too much sometimes, so bear with it. for someone that has been around since i started this, and the other blog that i have wrote before this one, i am so disappointed. you got me so wrong. i’m neither a die hard romantic dork nor a geek cassanova. i just have a immense flair for exaggeration. but if you do know me as well as you think you do, you should be able to separate the truths and the nots.

    living well. and as usual, things could be better. i miss your brickbats too. thank you for dropping by and being the you that is you.

    hey hey, writers’ block can be a bitch somedays okay. i apologize vehemently. cut me some slack, please? *grins*

    live well and be happy. you have been missed just as much…

  2. hello from MEL.

    oh but you ARE a die hard romantic dork and a geek… well probably not cassanova, seth. that might be a bit too big of a praise. haha. but i can’t deny that you have your good points and winning traits, which are so very good indeed.

    but keep this fickleness up and you will die alone one day you know. and i’m sure i’m not the only girlfriend that tells you this. don’t change everything that is you. but you sure can do with some trimming of the bad bits. i haven’t seen you in ages but i’m sure you would have changed much from that boy that i once knew all too well.

    time to stop going after the beautifully broken people, like me, haha. time for you to find that nice girl, i am sure she’s waiting for you out there. somewhere…

    beautiful people are bad for your heart, remember that. i miss you loads.


  3. oh.my.god.

    and to what honour do i owe a visit from YOU as well? *smiles*

    it seems the XX chromosomes of my past are crawling out in force this month. so i guess it must be near christmas time again huh? and i’m due for my yearly presents of coal from my ‘favorite’ XXs? *laughs*

    not you too. sighs. fine okay, i get the picture. i have had enough of nag and alcohol sessions this week. really. i think i’ll be avoiding female company for the next few weeks, or at least until after christmas. okay fineee, that would be an impossibility. i can see you laughing already. lol!

    well judy, i’ll have you know i have changed much in that aspect. i’ll fill you in on the past year in a proper email so let’s leave it as it is now ok?

    i can’t help it. you beautifully broken people are like a bad drug that i need, lol. i haven’t been going after beautifully broken people for… oh wait i did, just got out of a short one a few months back with a, what you once coined ‘the triple threat’ – brains, beauty and body.

    okay, guilty as charged then =x

    i miss you too dkj. take care of yourself aight?

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