the only thing worse than having to rework a whole campaign direction from scratch is having your senior creatives not standing on the same level in terms of idea and direction. two different mind maps? two different laundry lists? are you fucking kidding me? sighs. everybody is drowning and we are given two cement shoes instead of a lifesaver. great.

i would rather sometimes these people just take their fat pay check, sit there not doing anything instead of giving me and the team grief.  no really, it’s fine. just sit there in your comfy chair in your big swanky room. no we don’t need your help. yes we don’t. don’t look so surprised. thank you very much.

the tumultuous complex layer-drama and socio-politics of an advertising agency, that i don’t miss. coming back to my beginnings, it reminds me of why i left this in the first place. thank god here nobody is fucking the boss or giving the old AE hag-queen some cunnilingus, yet. haha.

not even one month into work and i am already plotting murder. and if i could get away with it, then no doubt the path of my creativity would definitely be littered with bodies…

a lot of bodies indeed…

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