sugar rush


-digicamography, photoshop-

cupcakes. wonderful sunday cupcakes. one of the best things to have come out of an oven in the history of mankind.

nothing like a bit of marzipan overload to help smooth out the frayed edges. reminds me of the ones you bought for my mother. they were amazing. i buy them for her now from time to time. so, yeah.

work is going good but the fickleness of the senior creatives is really giving the team hell. we worked long and hard only to get a change of direction suddenly. and when we scrambled to cobbled together a new direction to present only to be asked why are we not incorporating the previous designs in the new one. cue wide eyed slack jawed faces around the room.

spent the whole day studying the mind map and brain storming with the team. working. on a sunday. bummer. never knew it could be so tiring by just using your brains. i think we are all more tired over the fact that it is like the umpteen time we are doing this. let us just hope that third time is a charm.

i definitely need some sugar now. both of the confectionery and of the emotional-physical kind.

getting the latter is another challenge in itself.

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