october chases september who in turn chases august around the trees, playing hide and seek. their laughter ringing in my ears. their happiness, genuine. their smiles, brighter than sunshine. august the eldest, so beautiful and happy. she is the prettiest of them all. september, a shadow of emotions. she bears a burden in her heart. october but a child, innocent in so many ways. baby steps. she is learning. in time she will pick up all she needs to know from her sisters. she will grow up, move on and change, like all seasons should…

august august in you i will trust. august is bohemian. a happy soul. a free spirit. a lover of i. she adores me with the seconds and the hours and the days that she is made with. and in turn, i loved her with every fiber of my mortal being. i thoughtlessly gave her my pulsing heart and she eagerly snatched if from my hands and devoured it whole.  so it can sit next to hers. two as one, beating in unison. and you promised me this, never ending…

september september i’ll love you forever. she is tear stained cheeks, bleeding knees and cut palms. she is full of disappointments and angst but she readily accepts the fact that she has to learn to move on. being left in the cold once too many times, she is used to it but it doesn’t make it any easier when it happens again. she falls down, picks herself up, brushes off the dirt and walk away as she always will. i looked in her eyes and i understand her. she places her stained hands on my chest where my heart used to be. and she nods, because she understands me…

october october a promise to remember. she is a new beginning, learning to cope with the emptiness. like a little child who is waiting on a promise, she doesn’t know. she sits patiently. she hopes. she hangs on to every word you said and she waits. and in time as children do, she will grow restless and forget. she will get up and run along. she will move on. i look at her and i smile but she frowns at me. but i am sure sooner or later, she will learn how to smile back…

they suddenly stopped chasing each other, laughed and looked back at me from behind the trees. knowing eyes that tells me wait wait, two more sisters and this twelve will be gone. will you remember us? will you miss us?

so… will you remember me? remember the us? will you miss me? on some days like today, for no reason at all, my heart misses you like crazy.

-nina simone: since i fell for you-

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