dance flygirl dance / fog

hey gorgeous, i looked at the calendar and just recalled something from a long time ago: you have a dance on tonight yes?

i wish you the best of luck. hope all your practices went well. i still remember the times that you were so eager to show me your moves. when you twirled and pirouetted in my room. i would sit and watch from my bed as you danced circles around me and my heart. amazed. the beautiful flygirl is also an accomplished dancer.

may everything be smooth and flawless tonight. you go g., dance circles around the rest and blow everybody away.

they will love you.


good god, i can still taste yesterday’s black label in my burp and it’s 6 pm now. in a few hours time, i have another session to go to. seriously, i never knew there can be such a thing as too much alcohol in so few days. and by me saying ‘too much alcohol’ means there is something wrong. i guess i must really be getting old. boo.

so this weekend is brutal, in a ‘my-head-feels-like-a truck-ran-over-it-and-i-wake-up-totally-not-remembering-yesterday’ kind of way and sometimes being a no-lifer with stacking work and random thoughts of you floating through my head, this mind fog is a good thing…

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