every year is the same old story this time of october. last week of the month is a gauntlet of ethanol that i must traverse. a few hectic days filled with copious amount of boozing, merry making and new acquaintances that are wonderfully fun.

i looked across the table at you just because you are the type of girl that i could so fall in love with. and to my surprise, you acknowledged my adoring glances with quizzical frowns and heart stopping smiles. my girl friend next to me whispered into my ear: she is the type of girl a man would definitely marry anytime. i nodded at her and smiled.

so, what are you doing here hl.? you are so out of place. your prim and proper self. your amazingly good features. your perfectly groomed hair, pinned back into place. your immaculate dressing and impeccable style, compared to the skanked up women around us.  you look like you should be at a proper function instead of this seedy club. baby, you are a good girl in a bad place.

i may not know your boyfriend, because he is a friend’s friend. but i am sure in a different time and place, i would have slipped you my phone number and taken you to a much better place than this. and i would have definitely used that time to know you better.

is it wrong to be attracted to someone else girlfriend? i am sure it is not, especially when they’re as amazingly graceful and beautiful as you are…

so tempted to slip you my number. but i shall not. he deserves to be happy, with a wonderful woman like you.

i hope he takes you for granted, and i have the chance to meet you again. because you have captured my heart unknowingly with your constant look backs. and i am sure i did not misread your smiles.

-david guetta: love is gone-

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