slow motion

suddenly slow mo train

-digicamography, photoshop-

i rarely take the train anymore nowadays. and on occasions that i do, i try and keep a look out for you but i have not seen you again since. do you remember that we traded smiles once upon a long time ago? we could loosely be considered as an acquaintance of sorts. we meet often enough to acknowledge each others’ presence but we have never actually spoken. maybe we wanted to, but i guess the want was not strong enough to make us follow through with our feelings.

you in your corner seat with your head bopping, mouthing lyrics silently to the songs playing on your ipod. me on the other opposite end, with my face buried in my book. i look up occasionally to steal glances at you. and perhaps you noticed, so you stole glances of your own too. and when our eyes crossed path, we hurriedly exchanged clumsy smiles and you look away all flustered and red faced.

gosh, you are so damn cute. but then i guess i have a huge crush-thing for geek girls like you in black framed emo glasses *smiles*

    • sourmilk
    • November 25th, 2009

    experienced that before, few times. it was awesome. only wish that hollywood ending would ensue after that.

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