off the deep end

a few hours into day two and i’m already thrown off the deep end. i got projects heaped onto me like there is no tomorrow. three which is actually just a walk in the park but the one major international project is the one that is keeping me on my toes. i don’t mind. work keeps me busy, keeps my mind on track.

keeps my mind off her for the moment, and i really need that…

so this is it. nose to the screen and hand on the mouse, grinding 10-12 hours easy on five hectic weekdays. endless team meetings, endless stream of email forwards and updates. not to mention working back at home after getting off work. working on the weekends. brainstorming, flow charting and media planning on sunday afternoons back at the office with the team. repeat cycle come monday. yep, seems like i have gotten myself back into the agency mode. and in some perverse way, i enjoy this organised chaos.

so these few days was pretty much a whirlwind ride, getting to know the key people in the team hierarchy better, sorting out who gets to be on what and getting into the grinding mode. and unfortunately, my dearest ‘wife’ has chosen now to leave the company. bugger. so for the moment, i am doing my own copy as well as ad-ing. ugh. i reckon i should ask for double pay, yes? heh.

as much as i like to write, and i can write but i am not a creative writer in that sense, per se. so now i am in the midst of looking for a replacement. and it is quite hard for me really, because i tend to look at looks first over credentials. especially so when i have a stack of cv to go through and i am spoiled for choice. hence the whetting out process shall be left to the creative director. haha.

so anybody knows any copywriter that is looking for a job?

the scope of work is pretty simple actually, you will be doing mainly writings for online contents. fresh out of tertiary schoolers please apply. this will be a good launching platform for you. so yeah, don’t be shy. write in or hook me up with anybody you know that needs a job or wants a change in scenery, with their resume of course, to the above left email.

zoe, i wish you the best of luck wherever you go and whatever you do…

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