-digicamography, photoshop-

where’s the good old 4-20 heroes (and heroines) and the inkandsteel heads when you need them. i guess i myself am to blame. in some ways i detest how i can get lost in work/love/life and neglect the other side of the coin: my friendships. and it is bad that i can only remember and need them when my priorities are not around. sometimes people just can’t be arsed to stay and wait. no hate or blame there. it’s just life. people come and go. love comes and go. work too. everything is fleeting…

i heart you and your kick ass tattoos dropkickjudy. ‘hate’ on your left hand, ‘love’ on your right. you would always say: chug down the hate and smoke up the love.

and i would always add: life’s too short to be ‘left hating’ and waiting for the ‘right love’ to come along. remember when i told you that your knuckle tattoos gave me an idea. if me and her worked out, i would ink a wedding band on my left hand and g.’s name on my right knuckles. you nodded vigorously and smiled your happy smile when i said that. you said if you were her, you would be so touched. you would marry me there and then if i asked.

hearing you say that made me smile and gave me hope.

but now, now i am not too sure anymore, judy…

so anybody need a drinking and smoking buddy?

we could talk about cars, travel, the weather and movies. we could people watch. or if you want, we could always discuss about the five theories of quantum physics. or ‘argue’ over the pros and cons of libertarian socialism. or debate over the existence of freud’s id, ego and super-ego.

or we could always share our personal stories of love and heartbreaks. dissect the poems of pablo neruda. or lucretius’s sensation and sex. or what is this sensuous attraction of the youthful in nabokov’s lolita. or how the fetishism in de sade’s writings is a reflection of a hidden want in all of us.

as you can see, we can talk about a lot of things.

or we can just sit…

and enjoy the company of each other…

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