stillness in time

sunday reflections.

i want to be back in langkawi, sneaking into a restricted beach and floating on the turquoise waters while a royal navy cruiser sails in the distance. I want to be back in koh samui, relishing the night life, mingling with pretty street walkers and inebriated ang mohs. I want to be back in hanoi, eating beef noodles and drinking vietnamese beer on lounge chairs by the roadside as a thousand motorbikes zoom by. i want to be back in bali, hanging out by the roadside, busking with the locals while the smell of babi guling wafts in from the stalls nearby. i want to be back in singapore, chilling out in a coffee joint watching the busy singaporeans rush by while I bide my time.

i want those stillness in time to never unpause while I sit here, static and everything moves around me wreathed in motion blur, illuminated by the yellow-orange glow of the street lamps.

three am. driving, driving. aimless. i turn. stop. move. directionless. and i unknowingly drove myself to where you live. hesitate. this subconscious push. the need to search for you.

i pause and look around. all is dark, still and silent in the hour of the wolf.

i pondered momentarily and turned away.

so near yet so far…

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