an old girlfriend


-digicamography, photoshop-

hello old girl.

haven’t seen you in a long time, my poor neglected girlfriend. no i have not forgotten about you. it’s just that i have many things on my mind and life has been rather unkind to me.

i am sorry. i know you will understand.

it is time to haul you out of cold storage. time to wipe off years of gathered dust. time to re-string and re-tune you.

so… shall we get acquainted again? hi. these fingers are old, creaky and rusty, and i have forgotten how to hold most of your chords. please excuse me if i am clumsy and i hurt you. i am sure in time i can make you sing again.

give me a chance. let’s start over from the beginning shall we?

-jason mraz: summer breeze (seals and croft cover)-

  1. i spot a broken guitar string, you must have abandoned her for very very very long.

    i abandoned my classical too. luckily my dad readopted it.

  2. hey hedo. it’s been awhile ^^

    yea, unfortunately i haven’t played her in very very long time and i wasn’t good to begin with… other than dust and the random scratches, i think her neck is warped somewhat too. and she seems to have a bit of a dent to the back of the sound box. i’ll restring her and see how she sounds. if not, unfortunately, i’ll have to retire her and get a new guitar…

    heart pain sial…

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