silly wabbit, what possessed you to think that by doing what you are doing now would make things better? you going incommunicado just adds to my worries and doubt, and puts many more unanswerable questions into my head. speak to me. explain to me. tell me the reasons for your actions. please, that is all i ask.

if you’re going, at least let me know. or are you still holding on, being selfish again like you said you would be?

i know i am the least of your worries right now, and i am not sore at all. you have so many things in your life to sort out. so i guess i am already far far away from your mind; as i was afraid i would to be. if you think by playing this subterfuge and locking me out is the best path to take, then so be it. you know i will always respect your wishes.

take care of yourself tgm, i hope you sort things out, get what you want done and move out, move on with your life.

you know i will be here.

i wish you well, always…

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