hail to the moon, baby

the happier moments in life. nights like these reminds me of my younger, simpler times.

the highlight of the mid autumn festival are the lanterns. and of course this is the only one night, other than chinese new year, that we get to play with open flames. what child can resist setting things on fire? in my case, it is my inner one *grins*

so here i am surrounded by the neighbors’ children, but being called uncle now instead of kor kor does taking some getting used to.

i guess i can’t deny the fact that i am getting old and maybe the paternal instinct is starting to kick in. god forbid me for saying this but i do find some of these kids endearing. especially that adorable little girl of three years old with her pink fuzzy pigtails, tottering about with her battery operated musical lantern. bright eyed and bushy tailed, way past her bedtime, laughing and smiling with all the rest of the big brothers and sisters.

tgm, i could imagine her mine, ours…

so yea, hail to the moon, baby. not really a mooncake eating person but the little pyromaniac in me cannot resist the call of an open flame. so here’s to wishing 中秋节快乐 to everybody that celebrates it. let that little fire starter in you out and literary burn some lanterns while you’re at it. they always seems to catch fire easily, i wonder why.


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