the set up

it’s another weekend, another dinner and i smell another set up. again. Its funny that when you’re single, people deem its necessary for them to hook you up with their other single girl friends.

“Anyways, I have this [insert positive physical adjectives] friend of mine that you should meet…”

my much respected friends, don’t get me wrong, i am flattered that you all think that i am worthy enough to be introduced to your girl friends, really. i enjoy meeting new people and the conversations. i enjoy the wine and dine. and i especially enjoy the company of you all but i think i should stress that there should be a certain guidelines that should be in place when in comes to who you think i will be interested in. most importantly, by now you guys should know what i look for in my women. as much as i want and need what i want and need, i think giving and taking it from someone i just cannot connect with would not be right. right?

and so i was chastised for being too picky, too choosy. that i should just screw it all (pun intended, ha ha) and give it a go. give it a try and regret later. hmm funny, since when you guys think like me? *laughs*

well maybe i am none of the above. maybe i have already set my mind on who i want. maybe i am just waiting for that special someone. jj calls me a painfully loyal emoboy. i guess i am; to a fault. i just can’t explain what is this impossible hold this particular person has over me and why am i waiting so stubbornly. in some ways, i promised that i will wait and give her time, and so i will… you know my promise is gold, afterall.

she once said: what we have here is a bunny thing *smiles*

and i guess only bunnies can understand it right, tgm?

-after 7: ready or not-

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