it’s the alcohol speaking

happy hour at 5pm. high at 6pm. drunk at 7:30pm. dinner at 9pm. seems like i got my priorities backwards. dinner-supper on a stomach full of alcohol tastes like crap and is uncomfortable to say the least. ugh. getting back into the agency gear, i always forget it’s all about merry making and boozing at the end of the work day. and food… well, is always something to be puked out anyways.

so it seems i’ve already been delegated my ‘wife’. don’t get me wrong, being an AD we’re always paired up with a copywriter, which we all affectionately call ‘wife’. because whatever we do from this point onwards will be together. we sit, we brainstorm, we write and we create together.

and so i find my ‘wife’ a bit on the quiet side but apparently she writes well, so that’s a good thing. well maybe she’s shy and i’m too brash, as usual. i was told by my future workmates that she’s a woman of few spoken words, to which she smiled; but she’s eloquent with the quill. hmm, okay, point taken. i can work with that. a woman that only talks when she needs to *chuckles*

so we shall see how this gig goes. the people here seems a bit too decent to be from an agency. very unlike those that i’m used to working with. i’m not saying that it’s bad being decent but i guess you can only gauge the real them when the fun and alcohol takes over *laughs*

so, three more weeks till i start. the clock counts down and i have a few drinking sessions with them lined up all the way till i actually start work.

great. just when i thought i didn’t need AA… hello fun times, goodbye kidneys and liver…

    • Irene
    • September 24th, 2009

    heh my new job has meant alcohol, alcohol, more alcohol than i’m accustomed to, don’t get drunk much but the stomach’s definitely suffering.

    was at a meeting from 5pm till 11pm yesterday, and only had my dinner close to midnight, on a tummy churning from too many whiskeys in it.

    events and clubs are fun, but i think i just waved away my good health by taking on this job.

  1. oh yea baby sis, you being in your line it’s all about drinking and hob nobbing with the veeps n pretty/beautiful people. lucky you i would say, i miss that kind of life. though i reckon my drinking nowadays are usually of the wine in a quiet place where i can talk to my friends variety. a much more mature and dignified manner as opposed to the shouting-laughing-screaming matches and slinging back whiskey shot after shot of yesteryears, lol.

    watch your health and especially your tummy/gut. you know you have a bad gastro system, like mine.

    take care of yourself you hear? bro loves ya! <3!

  2. Interesting…a “decent” agency, I’ve seen those, am in one in fact, very different from the previous agency I worked in. Over there, it’s drinks after work, lots of partying and all that. Over here…non existant. πŸ™‚

  3. yes hb, ‘decent’, haha. though me and a few other recruits from errr… not so ‘decent’ agencies are trying to jazz up the lives of these boring people. they need to be introduced to the ‘after hours’ workings of a proper agency! lol.

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