wish you would step back from that ledge my friend…

i see so much of carl and allison in us. our parallels on celluloid. the monotony and his change for the better. she is so you with her outrageous wit, bohemian charm and infectious spirit. how they’re totally fun, spontaneous and random when together. crazy high chemistry, just like you and me.

there’s so much similarities.

especially their/our fears.

i think it’s only normal to get bogged down in life by things beyond our control. we can do this. i know you. well at least i would like to think i know the you that shared me your dreams, wishes and fears. the things we spoke of, what we planned to do. don’t let them only be just words. let’s do this, take a chance… let’s be scared and cynical together. you have me and i so want to have you.

i am very sure two will make it through.

let’s fuck it all and get the next random flight to where ever. i’ll take you to the next football game in manchester, definitely none of that american football nonsense. let’s walk through the green fields, run in the rain and take shelter in a barn if it gets too heavy. let’s take the heads off some chickens, i promise i won’t faint. let’s find a shooting range and shoot something. as irritating and persistent i can be sometimes, just please try not to aim the gun at me, ok? *smiles*

i’ve known that i like you for awhile. but just now, i decided, that i…

-munchausen by proxy: yes man-

    • Jennifer Chen
    • September 21st, 2009

    Another unattainable?

  1. another? no, it’s the one and only.

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