friday ice breaker friday

it tastes like there’s a party in my mouth and everyone is throwing up

received that sms from a friend a few minutes back. not exactly the party that i would want to be at. ugh. but then it seems where i am now is heading in that direction soon.

ice breaking session and drinking with future colleagues; i forgot how alcohol immersed is the advertising line, well until tonight that is. starting on the new job in a few weeks time but it seems drinking and having fun is a bigger priority. i see no harm in this logic. i enjoy the free booze and alcohol is always a great lubricator when it comes to connecting with new people. especially those that you will have to work with soon.

so yea, i want to tell you that i got the job and i’m giving it a go. not paying as well as when we discussed about it but i’ll do it anyways. it’s a start right? something is better than nothing. i might not get hawaiian macadamias but at least i don’t get chinese restaurants peanuts. so yeah, my scope of work is this same ‘new’ old thing i’ve been doing awhile now. just so happens with this company i’ll have my own team to run, i have to be more active, be a front liner and be out there. so in some ways, i’ve been issued a significant challenge to move out of my comfort zone.

let us see where this takes me…

on another note, let’s hope there’s no road blocks, the least of my worries, or walls/barricades that decide to suddenly appear in my path on the way home… hic!

    • jennifer chen
    • September 18th, 2009

    Step no 1 to the pursuit of happiness. All the best.

  1. thank you. so let’s see where this takes me aye?

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