changing changes

i was having a rather pensive chat with the hawtwritermuse about change when we met up on monday for lunch and movie.

would we have change what we had if we never moved on? if we clung on to the impossible like the two stubborn fools that we are. would the problems that is in our personal lives now be any better if we just stayed put and weather this few months? years? instead of saying yes or no to certain choices. instead of taking chances to move on, or being afraid and not budge an inch?

i for one think it would be better if i stayed put back then. but these two years i spent wandering aimlessly and messing up has in some ways, forcibly, made me grow up and leave the safety of my zone. meeting people i meet. making friends. losing friends. loving people i was supposed to love. losing them. these are all pieces to the ever growing puzzle that is me.

and how impossible external pressures and forces plots to move us in opposite directions as opposed to what we planned. what was once progressing so smoothly can suddenly take turn for the worse. so i guess we can’t fight the winds and currents. but we sure as hell can change the sails and pedal against the flow.

and i’m glad things seems to be looking up somewhat for us. it could only get better from here onwards aye?

and she said: so let’s keep it all together. we’ve been doing a pretty darn good job so far.

    • ejl
    • September 12th, 2009

    Keeping it together is a good thing.

    We don’t all need to fall apart. Really.

    Anyways, I’ve moved my blog over to to so update bookmarks etc if you fancy. X

  1. yee jia ling~! you hard-to-get-hold of woman! ah ok, will chk out ur new online home. have always been goin to the old dolcelatte. update more often will ya. you have been dearly missed y’know…

  2. Notice I took out ‘hawt’? You’ve given me so much that I couldn’t have ask for more. Your love and support means a lot to me. Be well.

  3. likewise. thank you for being there over the years when i needed you. you are a gem, hottie. you are almost, always. i wish you well.

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