in sheeps clothing

she said: for the love of god, can they just come out with the truth when we meet them? do they actually have to wait until you fall in love and you’re ready to give them your heart to hear ‘i’m actually married’ or ‘i actually have a girlfriend’

he said: i know it’s a bitch but, well at least they said it, right? maybe not as soon as you want them to. but be glad they did not play you around like a doll and for you to find out about his other relationship, indirectly?

she said: still, that doesn’t make it any better. there’s less of this heart with every disappointment. maybe i’ll just be an old maid. saves me the trouble of piecing whatever that’s left of myself together again after each time.

the perils of internet dating and relationships. nobody is what they say they are out there.

so please, be careful with your heart…

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